Having a reliable crew for any form of video production in Bergen is something a lot of foreign production houses look forward to having. Giving that the city is flooded with beautiful mountains, fjords and breathtaking nature; it is no doubt that it has become a popular location for filming. The city also attracts a lot of foreign businesses and tourists. This creates a need for companies to produce videos locally in Bergen.

However; the big challenge comes when a company from abroad needs a crew to carry out video production in Bergen. Flying an entire crew from abroad is never easy and could be costly. For some, the production budget doesn’t allow for that. This is where we come in. 

Director Ed and DP thomas on set filming a product ad

Production unit

Our full production team makes it easy for any foreign company to fulfill any sort production in Bergen. Made up of a producer, director, multiple cinematographers, a sound guy etc. We can say we have a unit ready to take on any size of production. At Tribal Films, we try to make this process as easy as we possibly can. For any international company looking for a production unit in Bergen, contact us to find out more.


Established in 2019, we as a production house have been serving the local community in Bergen and surroundings ever since creation. We handle all sorts of productions from start to finish. Serving a broad international market, we also cater for the needs of international clients be it businesses or other production houses. 

Production Gear

We have had the opportunity to assist several companies from across the world with their video production in Bergen. Most often the budget and the nature of the production does not permit for production houses to fly crew into Bergen and handle the production. So we step in at this stage and provide a more profitable alternative. With a full production crew stationed in the city of Bergen as well as in Trondheim, we provide a fast moving and efficient unit that handles all sorts and sizes of productions. We provide the appropriate gear and necessary personnel needed to for each production in order to get the best results. This provides the perfect alternative for productions with limited travel budgets and/or time. Looking to hire a crew in Bergen? Get in touch with us for quotes