Filming a product ad can be a very fun process just as much as it could be dreadful. Take a dive with us into the process on how we were able to successfully film an ad and make the entire process fun.
A key thing for any company whether filming a product ad or any sort of video content is to have a proper pre-production. This will involve everything prior to the actual filming process. Client meetings, location scouting, script writing, storyboarding and lots more. For us this included a sit down with the client in order to have a clear understanding of what their expectations were.
We also took time to write a proper two column script as well as do some storyboarding and shot-listing as this ad called for it. After having everything in the pre-production phase done (a lot of which we didn’t mention), we jumped into the next phase which was the actual Production.

We decided to film in three different locations for this ad. In the studio, a treatment lab and an indoor house setting. In the lab we wanted to show key features of the device. We choose to use the treatment lab as the second location in order to showcase that the device can be used professionally by a trained person. And the last location was an indoor home setting. Here we wanted to show how easy it is to operate and use the device on your own.
We scheduled two days to shoot the entire ad. On day one we focused on the studio shots and showing the device’s features. On day two we shot in the treatment lab and home. After wrapping up the production, we jumped in to post production.
The goal was to achieves a clean white look, keep colors natural and with good contrast. The entire project was shot in PRORES RAW on the Sony FS5. This meant we had good latitude to play with colors in post.
We also shot some still photos for the client’s online store. You can see the images here.
Needless to say we had some good fun on this project and we were able to make the client happy.
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